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Yet Another Writing Community

Challenging you to write more

Write More! (In Yet Another Writing Community)
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Hi, and Welcome to Write More! (In Yet Another Writing Community), YAWC! for short (because the sound that makes amuses me). I'm your hostess, thisisthesmile. I would add something witty here, but I honestly can't think of anything. Anyway!

This, as should be expected, is a contest community. It isn't going to be the same thing over and over again; instead I (and whoever I can bother enough to help me) will be coming up with several different contests. In fact, everyone is welcome to make suggestions! I only have so much of an imagination when it comes to these things.

This is mostly meant to be fun and laid-back, because I am LAZY, and you can pretty much do anything you want. There are absolutely no restrictions as to what you can write, and (for most contests) you won't even have to post your works if you don't want to. But! You must follow the rules, or I'll cry risk the consequences! Whatever they may be. You'll find out when I think of them.

1) BE NICE! I mean it. If you aren't nice, I'm going to kick your teeth in (in a completely metaphorical way). No, seriously. No flaming and all that. Critiquing others work is nice, but either be tactful about it or warn the person you're critiquing that you and tact don't have a very good friendship. If I get too many complaints about you, you will leave.
2) Be honest. I've said that you don't have to post your work, so if a certain contest has to do with word count, please don't lie about the count. Nobody will be able to prove anything, but I'm sure you'd feel bad. After all, it's not like you'd be making any money or anything off of this.
3) PLAGIARIZING IS BAD. Don't claim anyone else's work as your own. We might be able to figure this one out, so you know, you'll be kicked out of the comm and all that.
4) And please, just a little nitpick here, don't use netspeak, and follow grammar rules and all that. All the time. I know it may be annoying for some people, but jesus. "hi im mindy and this iz my 1st post, lolz!!!1" makes me cry.
5) When posting anything you've written, please say somewhere in the post (or subject) whether it's a fandom (and what fandom) or an original. As I've said, no limits to what you can write about, but other people are sure to want to know.
6) This isn't a rule, really, but...I'd appreciate little introductory posts when you first join (because I'm nosy like that). I don't want an entire biography detailing your every last freckle, but you know. Something simple, but informative. You don't have to do one of these posts, of course, but yes. Nosy.
7) Don't pout if I add new rules, I'm spazzy and can't think of too much right now.