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Quick question.

Would anybody be interested in doing a sort of collaborative NaNoWriMo for the month of December? What I mean by tht is that all of us would write a 50,000 word novel together where each of us would have to write a certain amount of words. Assuming everyone participated, it would be around 3,334 words per person and two days each for them to write it in. If anyone is actually interested in doing it, I'll think of more details later.

And if you're not...what would you suggest we do instead? (Don't worry, I'll think of something if you can't.)
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A message.

Helloooooo out there!

I think this comm will be dead until December. Yup. I don't feel like doing anything intelligent lately, it's been a bad month. And I'm not going to issue any challenges during November, because it would be silly to attempt to upstage NaNoWriMo. So. December we will care again, yes? Not that I should even try since nobody seems to care about the comm anyway, but whatever.

Good luck to everyone in whatever you'll be doing! Me, I'm just going to work a lot.
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Challenge 004: Poetry! =D

Okay, that's kind of misleading. I'm not going to force anybody to actually write poems, but challenge 004 has a lot to do with poetry. Remember my poll from a while back? Yeah. Because seventy percent of the votes were for writing a story, this challenge is to write a story based on or inspired by a given poem. Exciting, huh? Here's the poem (lj-cut for your protection):

Collapse )

The time limit for this challenge is, once again, one week. So at the end of October 10 (I will hopefully remember to end it properly on the eleventh), everyone should be done. Or else. (Pretend I look threatening, please.)

Guidelines/Suggestions/Further Babble
1) All usual rules and guidelines apply.
2) While the idea behind this challenge is to write a story, you are more than welcome to write a poem for it as well. Don't let anything curb your inspiration!
3) Plagiarizing=no. Yeah, had to say it.

That's it! Let your mind go wild!

(P.S. What does everyone want the comm to do for NaNoWriMo? Should this comm go on hiatus for the month of November? Should the challenge be to complete your NaNo? Or should we just continue on as if nothing special is happening? IT'S ALL UP TO YOU GUYS, let me know.)
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Challenge 003: Teh End

Fuckity. Um. This challenge totally ended like. A week ago. Oopsies.

Another challenge will be forthcoming, as soon as I get my head out of my arse and really remember to take care of this comm. It'll probably have to wait until Sunday, but I'll try. Amuse yourself with other things in the meantime, 'kay? <3
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Sorry about this chaps (or chap-ettes, however the case may be), but it seems that well...I may as well tell the entire anecdote.

I flick through my flist, and see the challenge. 'Ooh!' I think, 'A challenge that I may actually complete!'

I open wordpad, and start typing. And before I know it - I'm finished!

So. I don't know how many words there are (probably not much...), and it doesn't have a title, and it's actually quite crap...but still.

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Challenge 003: Tragedy

Because I am feeling exceptionally lazy (and half asleep), I am not going to get very creative about this challenge. Suffice it to say that normal guidelines apply, and you have until next Tuesday-ish to finish this one. You know. As soon as the clock says it's September...nineteenth? Yes. Nineteenth.

Challenge 003 is simple as can be: write a story about tragedy. Or write a tragedy. Or use the word tragedy in a story. SOMETHING. I don't care if it's about the Apocalypse, the death of somebody's pet bunny, or...well, a story where the hero dies. Or, in fact, if the only way you include the word tragedy is by having somebody off-handedly say "It's such a tragedy." Whatever. Go. Play. Have fun. I'll come up with something more interesting next week, I swear.
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Challenge 002: Endo.

So, um. I think the challenge probably ended about eight hours ago. Let us know how ya'll did!

I would post something more amusing to announce this ending, but I'm not awake yet. Sorry. <3

(P.S. I finished about a quarter of a single story, just so ya'll know.)


I'm just posting here to check in with everyone. I've been offline awhile, but now I'm all set up with my computer at college. So I guess I'll be watching for the next challenge here!

PS: How is everyone?
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SO. It's been fifteen days. Or sixteen, I don't know. Thinking isn't my strong point right now. At any rate, just leaving a little post because I want to see how many of you have forgotten about this everyone is doing. Are you at least two and a half fairy tales in? Do you wish you were? HAVE YOU EVEN STARTED, YOU SLACKERS? You had to have, even I have the opening of a story. Just one, of course, because we all know how I am. But what can you do?

Yes. You know you all want to share. Good luck to everybody!
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